July Important Pet Dates

Month-Long Activities National Dog House Repair Month National Lost Pet Prevention Month Daily Activities July 1:  ID Your Pet Day July 4:  Fourth of July July 7:  International Kissing Day July 11:  All-American Pet Photo Day July 15:  National Pet Fire Safety Day July 21:  National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day July 22:  National …

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June 2020 Pet Celebrations

  Month-Long Celebrations National Pet Preparedness Month National Microchipping Month National Foster a Pet Month Daily Celebrations June 1-7:  National Pet Appreciation Month June 8:  National Best Friends Day June 9:  World Pet Memorial Day June 21:  Dog Party Day June 26:  Take Your Dog To Work Day

May 2020 Pet Celebrations

May Pet Celebrations   Month-Long Celebrations National Pet Month National Foster Care Month National Service Dog Eye Examination Month National Photography Month Chip Your Pet Month Daily Celebrations May 1:  National Purebred Dog Day May 3:  National Specially-Abled Pets Day May 3:  Mayday for Mutts May 3-10:  Be Kind To Animals Week May 3-10:  Puppy …

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I am re-posting this from Beetleypete ( I am reposting this from Ed Westen’s blog. advice and information about what the virus actually is, and what you can do to try to fight it. Johns Hopkins University has sent this detailed note on avoiding the contagion: * The virus is not a living organism, …


April 2020 Pet Holidays

April Pet Holidays   Month-Long Celebrations Heartworm Awareness Month National Adopt a Greyhound Month National Pet First Aid Month Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month Active Dog Month Daily Holidays April 1-7:  National Raw Feeding Week April 1:  April Fool’s Day April 7-13:  National Dog Bite Prevention Week April …

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March 2020 Pet Holidays

March Pet Holidays   Month-Long Celebrations Poison Prevention Awareness Month Daily Holidays March 1-8:  Professional Pet Sitters Week March 13:  K9 Veterans Day March 23:  National Puppy Day March 30:  Take a Walk in the Park Day

February 2020 Pet Holidays

February Pet Holidays   Month-Long Celebrations Pet Dental Health Month Dog Training Education Month National Cat Health Month Responsible Pet Owners Month Daily Holidays February 3:  National Golden Retriever Day February 10-11:  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show February 14:  Valentine’s Day February 20:  Love Your Pet Day February 22:  National Walk Your Dog Day February …

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