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Dog’s nose – I sniff you!



Wet Nose Central: Come and play here. We can share and talk about what I am learning about doggies. We can talk about doggies and their sweet, loving wet-nosed selves.  Did you know a dog’s wet nose is where the scents they have found are recorded? I will be recording the “scents” I find and reporting them to you from WetNoseCentral.com.  (I know:  hokey.  That’s me.)

Legal Secretary-ing

Anyway, for quite some time, I have wanted to have a blog/website. Now that I have one, Dogs are the focus.  After my “wonderful” 43-plus years as a Legal Secretary ended, I am finally conquering my fears and moving forward with this blog.  Lawyers. I’ve worked with the gamut! Handsome and beautiful lawyers. Smart lawyers and crazy lawyers. Old ones, young ones, good ones, bad ones. Oh, and egotistical lawyers, smelly lawyers, rude lawyers, kind lawyers, and some funny lawyers.  Now I work for No Lawyers.  (The Best kind.)

Breast Cancer

After not dying from breast cancer in 2015, I began to take seriously the idea that I could have a blog.  Oh, maybe it wouldn’t be the biggest thing to hit the Internet (or maybe it could!), but I realized I was enough.  

Enough to deal with lawyers for a lifetime, enough to refuse to cave with breast cancer, enough to figure out how to get a website up online, and enough to publish a blog about the loves of my life:  Dogs. So, here I am. 

Yes, I’m a Seasoned Citizen.  


Tech was the main reason I’ve been so afraid of trying to put up a website.  In the law offices where I’ve worked, there was always an IT Department to work on stuff – not me.  And I never got friendly enough with those folks – or had the nerve! – to ask any of the IT folk to help me with my own website. (Probably should have . . . )  

Well, that’s all over, now.  I mostly figured out (myself!) how to get this site up online, and this will undoubtedly continue to be an OJT (On the Job Training) project for me.  I’ll be scouring the Universe for information worthy of your time, that I think will amuse you, and that I think will nourish your soul and your intellect.  

At the same time, I’ll be learning all about canines and how to be my own IT Department.   

Look forward to you visiting WetNoseCentral again – soon and often.  


A thought: Do the thing we fear, and death of fear is certain.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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