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May Pet Happenings

Observed All Month

Chip Your Pet Month

National Pet Foster Care Month – May is a good month to adopt or foster a pet.

National Pet Month – Observed annually in the United States in May and during the month of April in the United Kingdom, this month we celebratethe benefits and joy that pets and people bring to each other’s lives.

National Photography Month – (Officially recognized by Congress in 1987)  Take some selfies with your pooch! 

National Service Dog Eye Examination Month – During World War I, German Shepherds were trained to assist soldiers.  They were the first service dogs.

Pet Sitters International’s Pet Sitter Safety Month – Begun by PSI in 2016

Responsible Animal Guardian MonthProclaimed by In Defense of Animals (IDA)

Observed for the Week

May 1 – 7:  National Be Kind To Animals Week

May 1 – 7:  Puppy Mill Action Week

Check out 5 Ways to End Puppy Mills

May 3 – 10:  National Pet Week

May 3 – 9:  Dog Anxiety Week

Special Days

May 1:  National Purebred Dog Day

Rottweiler, Black with Brown Markings – Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

May 1:  Mayday for Mutts (Observed the First Sunday in May)

May 1: International Samoyed Day

Some thoughts about Mutts and Mixed Breeds

May 3:  National Specially-Abled Pets Day

May 3:  National Teachers Day

Bear With a Chocolate Cupcake and “Happy Teacher’s Day” Display – Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

May 8:  Mother’s Day

May 8:  National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

May 10: National German Shepherd Day

May 13:  National Blame Someone Else Day  (Always observed annually, on the year’s First Friday, the 13th, since 1982)

May 14:  National Dog Mom Day

May 14:  International Chihuahua Appreciation Day

In 10 Great Dog Breeds to Get Friendly With, No. 7 is all about Chihuahuas.

May 20:  National Rescue Dog Day

May 28:  National King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Day

May 31:  What You Think Upon Grows Day (Created by Norman Vincent Peale.  Born in 1898, today he would have celebrated 124 years!) 



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