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Differences Between Male and Female Dogs

Ever wonder which sex is “better” – male or female?  Apparently, the age-old “battle of the sexes” exists even in the canine world! 

Well, after you’ve read this, you can decide for yourself.  All these differences concern dogs’ looks, health, and temperament.  When you know what these differences are, you will be able to select the gender most suitable for you and your family. 

Now (apart from the obvious), here is the Top 10 countdown:  

10.   Dominance and Territoriality.   

Male dogs tend to be more dominant and territorial than females.  Neutered dogs are especially prone to these behaviors.  On the other hand, female dogs at times also exhibit a heightened level of dominance and territoriality, especially when they’re in heat.   

9.   Playfulness, Liveliness, and Independence. 

Male dogs tend to be on the more independent and self-reliant side.   Contrastingly, female dogs are generally a bit calmer.   

Puppies Playing (Drawing) – Image from Pixabay

8.   Devotion.

Since female dogs are less likely to exhibit independence, it kind of follows that they will naturally seek more of their human’s attention, which serves to develop a stronger bond.   Because of that, female dogs do seem to be somewhat more loyal and devoted than males. 

7.   Hanging Out.

If you haven’t gotten your dog neutered, you will likely notice significant changes during their heat cycles.  If you own a female dog, it’s likely you can look forward to welcoming some new friends from the neighborhood!  And if you own a male, you might notice that they spend less time at home.  So, during heat cycles, male dogs are likely to leave home/hang out more often. 

6.   Puberty and Maturity. 

As is the case with humans, female dogs also tend to enter puberty sooner.  Since the process starts sooner, they’ll reach maturity quicker than males. 

I love dogs, and I love learning about them.  If you do, too, come back to this site regularly, ‘cuz whatever I learn, I share!

5.  Behavior Toward Children. 

Behavior toward children speaks to whether the dog will:  consider children as partners to play with, or whether they’ll treat them protectively. 

Female dogs are more likely to act in a protective way towards children and even attempt to care for them.  Male dogs, on the other hand, as might be expected, tend to see children as “co-conspirators,” and playmates. 

4.  Health. 

Depending on the breed in question, it’s a good idea to be mindful of symptoms of any illnesses and health problems characteristic to each breed.

Gender is one of the determining factors for the types of health problems that might crop up.  Mammary tumors are typical in female dogs, while males are prone to prostate issues. 

3.  Responses To Training. 

Differences in training methods are mostly dependent on the dog’s breed.  However, some gender-based differences do appear.  More specifically, female dogs tend to be somewhat easier to train, thanks to their higher levels of calmness and obedience. 

2.  Aggression. 

Dogs are not born aggressive.  Aggression is a behavior that depends, in large part, on what kind of upbringing the dog has had, and how he or she was treated by their humans.

However, generally speaking, male dogs seem to be:  more independent, more dominant, more territorial, and, resultantly, more aggressive.

And, finally, the most distinct difference between male and female dogs. 


1.  Looks. 

Of course, physical appearances are the first thing we notice about a dog. It’s also where we can find some of the most prominent differences between males and females. 

What are the main appearance-based differences? 

Male dogs are bigger and stronger, larger and taller. 

Female dogs are smaller and lighter.

“You are woman, I am man.  You are smaller, so I can be taller than.”  Lyric from Funny Girl, Image by Steve Adcock from Pixabay  

You can notice significant differences in their growth and development based on their gender. 

Now, two very important points: 

1 – The greatest influence on any dog is the way he or she was raised. 

2 – The one and only factor that makes one sex “better” than the other is:  You.  The sex you choose is the one you prefer, so that’s what makes one or the other the better choice for you

I hope this short overview of some of the gender-based differences in dogs helps you get to know your pooch better and/or makes it easier to choose the right one for you in the future.

The more we know about them, the better we will be at keeping our pets healthy and happy.



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