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What Dogs Don’t Care About

Let me tell you today about a great blog called Beetleypete.com. It’s really my favorite of the blogs I’ve read because Pete gives his “take” on a lot of things. He tells us about his town in England, called Beetley, about his dog, Ollie, who I think is a great big love, and he shares his original fiction. You should read his serials — they’ve really held my interest, and I am regularly surprised at the end!

This link to Beetlepete.com is a really thought-provoking, humorous and true list of things that dogs don’t care about. (We could take a lesson or two from them!) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


What Dogs Don’t Care About

Dogs don’t care. . .

If you haven’t mowed the lawn

If you haven’t had a bath

Wasn’t that great?

3 thoughts on “What Dogs Don’t Care About”

    1. You are welcome, Pete! I am trying to model my blog after yours, because yours seems more fun! Thank you for helping me and letting me use your post. Love and blessings to you.

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