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This is a black and brown mix-breed puppy who reminds me of the puppy in this post.

Love, Onion Chips and Milk – A Puppy Needs to be Rescued!

Recently, I was going through YouTube, looking for instructions about how to use a software.  YouTube is my go-to training arena.  I call it “YouTube U.” While scanning, I saw an image suggesting that a puppy needed to be rescued, and that got my attention.

YouTube Search Diverted 

Before I could find my desired information, however, a title caught my eye:  Rescue Dogs Buried in Giant Pile of Rocks.  Well, what could that be about, I wondered?  Only one way to find out.  I’m a sucker for anything about dogs.  So, forgetting all about my original search (because I have NO focus), I clicked on the video.

I’m Hooked! 

Although I couldn’t see the people at first, I believe I was seeing from their vantage point.  Maybe “we” were walking briskly or riding in an open vehicle.  As they drove down the road, an animal could be heard, making whimpering sounds.   I could feel my heart melting.  A puppy? Was it trapped, and did it need to be rescued? (Violins, please.)

Where’s Puppy? 

They kind of slowed down in the vicinity of the sound.  Looking around, there wasn’t anything to be seen.  At least, I didn’t see anything but weeds.

The person driving made a U-turn and drove deeper into the area where we had heard the animal.  There was nothing there but a couple of piles of large rocks. 

A young woman seemed to get out of “our” vehicle.  She walked around near the rocks.  And then we heard it, again!  That squeaky crying of a puppy!  And then silence.

Would “we” be able to save the animal? Did it even need to be helped, or was this “our” imagination?

A Dangerous Place for a Puppy 

Some of these rocks were, like, 6 to 8” across and 2 or 3” high.  They looked like debris from a building that had been torn down.  I’d call them “serious” rocks.  Just one of them could cause some real damage to a person, and a little dog couldn’t make it if hit by one of those rocks, and something worse could result, if the heap crumbled in on him.  The puppy had stopped crying.  In fact, there was no sound at all.

She Didn’t Say Anything 

I would have called out to the pup, to get him/her to make another sound for me to follow, but the young lady didn’t speak.  After walking around the rocks for a while, the dog cried out, again.  And this time, we were close.  She started moving the big rocks around.


A rock here, a rock there.  Whew!  That one was bigger and kinda heavy.  If she moved the wrong rock and there was a cave-in  – “our” mission to aid the dog was finished! Finally, she lifted a rock and there was the puppy!  Just a face with a snarl, but a puppy, just the same. She was black and brown, like maybe a fuzzy little German Shepherd mix baby.

More Rocks 

The lady had to remove more rocks to see more of the little pooch.  She had to remove a few more rocks to actually get to the pup.  Every time the lady moved a rock away from the dog, the dog would snap at her.  Ever growling and baring teeth.  Even though still trapped among the rocks, she was a pretty aggressive little thing, or maybe self-protective is a better way to say it.

Onion Potato Chips

Finally, the lady had sufficiently cleared the rocks so that she could have – if the dog had allowed it – reached in an picked her up.  No way, Jack!  That little doggie was sayin’, “You ain’t touchin’ ME, lady.”

The lady went to her vehicle and came back with a package of (what looked like) onion shaped chips.  She let the dog sniff them, one or two at a time.  No real interest.  Then she lay one on the rock right next to the puppy’s nose.  Mild interest.  Finally, after many tries to entice the pup, one onion chip was accepted. The puppy was rescued!

A Fat Baby Comes Forth!

After about two-thirds of the bag of chips had been offered, and a few accepted, the woman was permitted to pull the puppy from the rubble.

What an adorable, fat, fuzzy little thing she was!

Now that the puppy had been rescued, the lady and her friend climbed on their motorcycle with their new fur toddler and went home.

End of the Day and the Story

In Conclusion: When they got home, the lady fed the puppy milk in a saucer.  More milk.  And more milk, until, finally, the saucer had been licked clean.

No more growling.  No showing of teeth.  Just a fat, full baby!


Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2SqlL-bISc

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