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Dachshund in prison

5 Ways to End Puppy Mills

No matter what, NEVER buy a puppy from a pet store, a swap meet, an online ad or a newspaper advertisement, because it’s a no-win for everyone. Puppy Mills What, you may be wondering, is a puppy mill? A “mill” is a place where puppies, kittens and bunnies are manufactured by hateful, greedy, and unscrupulous …

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Pet Holidays for September 2019

Pet Holidays for September 2019 Guide / Service Dogs Month National Pet Insurance Month Animal Pain Awareness Month Responsible Dog Ownership Month Pet Sitter Education Month National Disaster Preparedness Month. (Led by FEMA’s ReadyCampaign, Citizen Corps and The Advertising Council, this effort encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to work together and take action to prepare …

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Expensive Dogs

In this article, whatever is stated as the cost to obtain a dog from a breeder, it will (based on a 12-year lifespan) cost at least $25,299.06 more, not counting any medical experiences or other unexpected event.

Pet Holidays for July 2019

The 4th of July is a US holiday that is a nightmare “holiday” for dogs; the sound of fireworks is frightening, and it causes many dogs to panic and run. A LOT of dogs are lost, as a result.

Should Seniors Adopt a Dog?

The more cautious answer might be, “It depends . . .” I’m going to go out on a limb and say, emphatically, “Yes! Because dogs benefit seniors.”   The American Pet Products Association (“APPA”) conducted a survey in 2017-2018 which revealed that around 68% of American households (approximately 85 million of us) have a pet, so …

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Hello, I’m Sarah Kelsh.  Welcome to!   This is my first blog post at Wet Nose Central!  (Or anywhere else, for that matter!)   Why Did You Do This? Having this website up online is very exciting for me.  For some time, I’ve wanted to write a blog/have a website, but fear (that I’d screw it up) and (not …

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