Mickey Mouse

National Underdog Day

National Underdog Day has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with canines!  WHAT Is National Underdog Day?  Established by Peter Moeller, National Underdog Day occurs on the third Friday in December (December 17 this year) and was first observed in 1976.  The term is used to mean that the “underdog” is “the dog that lost the fight.”   …

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Happy Birthday, Minnie Mouse!

Betcha didn’t know that Minnie Mouse appeared in other pictures before hitting it big with Mickey in Steamboat Willie!  It All Started in 1928  In 1928, Walt Disney created a human-like mouse character named Minerva Mouse and nicknamed her “Minnie.”  The nickname “stuck,” and that’s the name she has made famous.  Just as he had …

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Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

Did you know that Mickey Mouse was not Walt Disney’s first successful cartoon personality?  And did you know that Steamboat Willie was not Mickey’s public debut performance?  Read on, my friend.  Oswald? Who is Oswald? In January 1927, executives at Winkler Pictures told Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks that Universal Pictures was desiring to get …

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