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What Is Rex Doing While I’m Gone?

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Some concerning thoughts…

Work, Work, Work! 

While I’m slaving away for some lawyer at the office, what is Rex doing at home?

Scrapping With Siblings

Oh, my God!  I have NEVER had more than one dog at a time!  I can’t even imagine it.  That, together with spending the day with some crazy lawyer, would certainly be enough to send me to the Crazy Place. How could I be expected to concentrate on work when I’m worrying what those pooches are doing at home?

Goldens playing "Tug 'o War"
Goldens playing “Tug ‘o War”

Playing With His Toys

Even when they had the toys I bought at the pet shop, all my dogs’ favorite “toys” were my furniture!  And my toes.


My mom’s other dog, Tiggie, the Lab, loved avocados.  NOW I know that she wasn’t supposed to be eating them, but, back then, she lived in the backyard, and in the backyard was a fertile avocado tree, abundant with fruit – which Tiggie loved and ate freely, to her heart’s (and belly’s) content.  And she had the most luscious black coat!


When Love was a little thing, I left him at home ALONE! while I went to work.  When I got home, my place was a MESS!  He had chewed through the speaker wire, destroyed a pair of bedroom slippers and chewed the better part of a picture of me with Carmen McRae (my favorite singer of ALL TIME).  I know I loved that dog, because – even after that – he lived to be about 12!

Doodle Barking
Doodle Barking

Barking and Howling

Well, one reason my neighbor, Mrs. Knopf, used to give me dirty looks when I came home from work was White Foot, my mom’s dog.  When White Foot spent the night with me, he would scream and cry all day, while I was a work.  He even dug a hole in the carpet in one of the bedrooms!

Too bad I didn’t have a Furbo Dog Camera back then!


This is the best of all the possible choices – and I wouldn’t even mind coming home and taking him for a walk!

Yellow dog, lying on his back on the grass, sleeping.
Tuckered Out!

Miss The Company of a Puppy

I sure do miss the company of a puppy. See Randa’s Got a New Puppy (https://wetnosecentral.com/puppys-name-is-coco/)


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