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Unchain A Dog Month

January Is Unchain a Dog Month 

Isn’t it ridiculous to realize that in 2022, the entire month of January should be dedicated to the idea of unchaining a dog?

Chained and Imprisoned!

Confined, Restricted and Trapped

When I was researching this post, I saw this question:  “Do dogs like being on a chain?” 


I think the person answering was being very diplomatic, because they said, essentially, that dogs really want to be near us, and that keeping them in chains all the time drives dogs CRAZY!  Well, yeah!  Think about if YOU were confined, restricted and trapped.  Wouldn’t that make YOU crazy? 

If there was ever a free spirit, it’s a dog.

What Is Chaining?

Here is how The Humane Society breaks down “chaining.”  

“Generally speaking, the terms ‘chaining’ and ‘tethering’ refer to the practice of fastening a dog to a stationary object and leaving them unattended.  The term ‘chaining’ tends to refer to situations where thick, heavy chains are used

“’Tethering’ is more often referred to [as] partial restraint on a rope, lighter chain or pulley, which is the more prevalent form of tethering.” 

I think it is vital to note this distinction:  

“These terms are not meant to refer to an animal being walked on a leash or cases of supervised, temporary tethering while an owner is present.” 


Everyone knows that a dog likes nothing better than to be free.  Free to run and stretch and frolic.  Free to play with their human.  Free to just BE.  

These are beautiful creatures that thrive on love and the companionship of their human friends. 

Why on earth would someone put chains on a creature whose main desire is to please YOU?

Are There Any GOOD Reasons To Chain A Dog?

Possible Reason One 

The owner is trying to protect their dog from something on the other side of their fence (kids, another dog, etc.) by keeping the dog in one area in the yard.

Possible Reason Two 

The dog is a repeat escapee, and the owner has run out of ideas to safely confine the dog.  Sometimes this is the reason dogs are kept on heavier chains – they have chewed through or otherwise escaped lighter tethers and the owner is trying to keep them from getting loose.

Possible Reason Three 

The owner’s fence is damaged or the owner doesn’t have a fenced yard.

O.K.  These may be reasons to TEMPORARILY restrain a dog – but NOT day after day and night after night. 

Tethering Is Bad for Dogs 

As stated above, dogs are free spirits that desire and require interaction with humans, as well as with other animals.  If such a creature is continuously confined and/or restrained, the result can be physical and/or psychological damage. 

If you were tied up all the time, you would lose your joie de vivre.  Your enjoyment of living would wither and die.  You would feel lonely and become depressed.  You would probably resent being in that situation – and you might even try to assault the one who caused this.  

You could very well go from being friendly, fun-loving and filled with warmth and personality to a miserable, angry and bitter shadow of your former self. 

WHY would it be any different for your dog? 

Tethering Dogs Is Bad for Humans 

In the same way as in the above scenario, your friendly and docile dog has been kept chained continuously.  He or she has now become neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive.  He or she has been chewed on by insects and possibly nibbled on by other creatures.  I guess it’s safe to say that he or she is NOT happy.

Tethering creates a high-risk factor for humans to receive serious dog bites and attacks.  If your confined and/or tethered dog experiences any occurrence that could be perceived as a threat from which he or she cannot retreat, BELIEVE that he or she will attack.  If you felt like your life was in danger, wouldn’t you? 

Why will your dog, in the same situation, be any different? 

Find a Way 

Your dog is going to love you in a way that you probably don’t even love yourself.  That dog is ALWAYS going to see the BEST in you. 

Is it asking too much to find a way to make him safe without killing his spirit? 

Isn’t it “worth it” to discover a way to keep her from running away that’s better than chaining?  Wouldn’t YOU run away if someone kept YOU in chains? 

Your dog is always going to be glad to see you.  Figure out what you can do to deserve that! 



The Humane Society



Unchain Your Dog 


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