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February 2021 Pet Awareness Days

Awareness of the Month Pet Dental Health Month Dog Training Education Month Responsible Pet Owners Month Spay/Neuter Awareness Month (AKA Beat the Heat Month) Awareness Days February 3:  Doggie Date Night February 3:  National Golden Retriever Day February 14:  Pet Theft Awareness Day February 14:  Valentine’s Day February 20:  Love Your Pet Day February 22:  …

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Bath Time!

Spiffy Makeovers

My last post left me feeling kind of down, so I’m really happy to have found this report, by Kelli Bender, for People, about some Denver shelter pooches who got makeovers! This is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and . . .  No!  Wait.  Here’s what Kelli wrote: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/shelter-dogs-treated-spiffy-makeovers-203639196.html That article was from Kelli …

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