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Pet Holidays for July 2019

These are the Pet Holidays for July.

Dog House Repair Month

July is Dog House Repair Month. Not so much a Pet Holiday, but certainly a necessity if your dog has his/her own residence somewhere in the backyard, instead of a bed inside the house.  If that’s the case, this is the official month to do any needed repairs.  Your baby will be so proud of you!

National Lost Pet Prevention Month

July is National Lost Pet Prevention month. Learn how to keep your pets from becoming lost in this month-long observance.  Launched by Check out https://www.pethub.com/.

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

It’s kind of second nature information that our bodies are composed of 50 to 60% water – but did you know that your dog’s body consists of 80% water?

That’s one of the reasons why July – among the hotter months of summer – has been designated National Pet Hydration Month.  A dog needs around an ounce of water for every pound of body weight. 

Start to develop ways to assure your dog (or cat) is getting enough water:  keep her water bowl clean; always keep fresh, clean water available; when you’re feeling dry and thirsty, see how your dog is doing.  Give some thought to adding fresh fruit to her diet, too (for added water intake). 

Our pets depend on us!  Let’s not let them down. 

July 1: ID Your Pet Day

Losing your dog is likely the very worst thing that could happen!  I don’t even want to think about it.  In keeping with this being National Lost Pet Prevention Month, this day has been set forth as a day to specifically ID your dog.  Proper ID can make all the difference in helping to find your lost dog. 

July 4:  Independence Day

This US holiday is a nightmare “holiday” for dogs; the sound of fireworks is frightening, and it causes many dogs to panic and run.  A LOT of dogs are lost, as a result. 

July 11: All-American Pet Photo Day

Get Buster all dolled up take off to the park.  Design a “film set” and create some to-die-for snaps and portraits of your adorable one!

July 15: National Pet Fire Safety Day

This holiday is jointly sponsored by the National Volunteer Fire Council (https://www.nvfc.org), ADT Security Services (www.adt.com)and the American Kennel Club® (https://www.AKC.org) in an effort “to spread awareness about how pets can start home fires but more importantly how to prevent them.”  (https://www.akc.org).

July 21: National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day  

Started in 2012, this is a day set aside to give back to our local shelters by making and donating beds, toys, vests and bandanas for the animals.

July 21: No Pet Store Puppies Day 

This is kind of a “no brainer.”  Save the lives of dogs by not doing business with the groups that torture them in puppy mills, and report any individuals you believe are contributing to the continuance of puppy mills.  See my previous post for more information.  https://wetnosecentral.com/5-ways-to-end-puppy-mills/

July 31: National Mutt Day (See also December 2) 

On two occasions each year (July 31 and December 2) – not to mention the entire rest of the year – we have an opportunity to “embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs.”  (https://nationaldaycalendar.com)


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