Walk Your Dog Month

January is Walk Your Dog month.  Wikipedia says “Dog walking is the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog’s residence and then returning.  Leashes are commonly used for this.  Both owners and pets receive many benefits, including exercise and companionship.”  Walk Your Dog month is mainly observed in the United States, …

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January Pet Awareness Days

Awareness of the Month Walk Your Pet Month National Train Your Dog Month Unchain a Dog Month Awareness Days January 2:  National Pet Travel Safety Day January 14:  National Dress Up Your Pet Day January 24:  Change a Pet’s Life Day January 29:  Seeing-Eye Guide Dog Anniversary

Dog in Elf Costume Image by J Lloa from Pixabay

December – Important Pet Dates

Month-Long Activities Safe Toys and Gifts Month Daily Activities December 2:  National Mutt Day (also on July 31) December 24:  Christmas Eve December 25:  Christmas Day December 30:  Bacon Day December 31:  New Year’s Eve sk.

Dog Ownership

Recently, I read an article by Nancy Kay, DVM, DACVIM, entitled Why the Term “Pet Owner” Just Doesn’t Work for Me that spoke so clearly to how I feel.  (http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/why-the-term-pet-owner-just-doesnt-work-for-me  – January 21, 2013) Total Agreement In my humble opinion, to use the term “Ownership” when speaking of “a living, breathing creature with whom we …

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October – Important Pet Dates

Month-Long Activities National Animal Safety and Protection Month Adopt a Shelter Dog Month National Pet Wellness Month Daily Activities October 1:  National Fire Pup Day October 1:  National Black Dog Day October 1-6:  National Walk Your Dog Week October 4:  World Animal Day October 4:  World Pet Day October 4-10:  Animal Welfare Week October 14:  …

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Ten Great Dog Breeds to Get Friendly With

Welcome Hello.  Welcome back to Wet Nose Central.  Today we are going to talk about 10 Great Dog Breeds to Get Friendly With. There are 537 different dog breeds in the world! There are hundreds of types of dogs. Did you know that?  As recently as 2018, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (“FCI”), the European dog …

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Cartoon-style Carpenter

September – Important Pet Dates

Month-Long Activities National Pet Insurance Month Pet-Sitter Education Month Daily Activities 1.         September 5:  International Bacon Day (Saturday before Labor Day) 2.         September 7:  Labor Day 3.         September 13:  National Pet Memorial Day 4.         September 13:  National Blame Someone Else Day 5.         September 13:  National Grandparents Day 6.         September 13:  National Hug Your Hound Day …

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July Important Pet Dates

Month-Long Activities National Dog House Repair Month National Lost Pet Prevention Month Daily Activities July 1:  ID Your Pet Day July 4:  Fourth of July July 7:  International Kissing Day July 11:  All-American Pet Photo Day July 15:  National Pet Fire Safety Day July 21:  National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day July 22:  National …

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