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Head Butt Saves Life of Vet 

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Here is the Amazing Story of How a Labrador Saved the Life of the Veterinary Nurse With a Head-butt 

As a 7-year breast cancer survivor and a lover of canines, it warms my heart to read about dogs saving human lives. The other day, I read about a Labrador Retriever, who actually saved the Veterinary Nurse’s life! 

The Story of the Labrador and the Nurse

This is a remarkable story of how a Labrador’s actions revealed a life-threatening condition. 

The Beginning

It began when a Labrador (whose name I don’t know) was apparently brought in to Beechwood Vets for treatment.  Angie Shaw was putting the dog on the consultation table when he (or she) head-butted Angie in the chest. The head-butt was sufficient to throw Angie off-balance and leave a lump near her breast. 

Hazards of the Job 

Maybe Angie considered the head-butt as “just another hazard of the job,” however, the lump was still painful after a week later,. 

That ongoing pain held her attention. That’s when Angie thought she’d better see a doctor. No doubt about it, that saved her life. 

Here’s What Happened

Labrador Saves Veterinary Nurse’s Life After A Headbutt Prompts Breast Scan And Reveals Cancer, Izzie Jani-Friend, Friday 27 Jan 2023 12:57 pm

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Some might say the head-butt was nothing more than a coincidence. But, was it? 

There is a powerful bond between humans and animals, and a dog’s schnozz is intense. The Labrador’s behavior was the key factor in detecting the cancerous condition. 

An Act of Love 

Yellow Lab Looking at You.

I’d call it a simple act of love by one of our canine family members.

Thanks to that Lab, Angie and her doctors were given a nudge to act in a timely way. They were able to get a diagnosis and seek treatment quickly, and, doubtlessly, save her life. 

Call to Action 

Angie’s experience should inspire a Call to Action for all men and women. Know that breast cancer is not “just a woman’s issue.” It affects us all. 

The Impact of Early Detection in Saving Lives

Early detection and diagnosis of cancer can be a life-saving measure. If cancer is detected at an early stage, people have a better chance of receiving more effective and less invasive treatment. When cancer is detected early, it bothhelps reduce treatment costs and improve the quality of life of patients. 

Finding cancer early is an invaluable way to save lives – both human and animal. By using the possibilities availed by early diagnosis, people can reduce their risk of developing serious diseases and ensure timely treatment of all diseases.

Let’s all be more mindful and get regular check-ups! 

Special Work

The Labrador Retriever in this story who saved the Vet’s life with a head-butt was just acting from a place of Love, but here are other dogs that are professional life savers.  

Good Behavior is Always Welcome

Whether your dog is a “Mutt” or a “Pedigree,” if he or she is well-trained, you will always be a welcome visitor. 


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