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DOGust 1st!

A heart made by a series of doggie footprints.  Loving shelter and rescue dogs.

DOGust 1st

Happy Birthday to all shelter and rescue dogs!

The world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization declared this day, August 1st, as “the universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs.

Let’s Celebrate!

Cake and Party Hats for everyone!  Is there a bakery in your area that makes doggie treats?  If not, see my recent post for a recipe to make treats at home.


Spend the day – or an hour – or as much time as you can spare – volunteering at your local rescue shelter.  You will probably enjoy yourself more than you think, and the animals will be so glad to see you!

Animals in shelters are in need of care, attention, walking, playing, and socialization.  They need to engage with people so it’ll be easier to them find homes.  In most cases, volunteers work in all departments:  with adoptions, in the kennels, greeting customers, grooming, humane education, public relations as well as some office tasks.

If you don’t know where the shelter nearest to you is, contact the ASPCA.  They’ll know and direct you. 

Or check Yelp!  There will be a multitude of reviews (good and bad), and you can choose localities where you think you can fit. 


Shelters always need money and supplies and help.  So, if you can’t be there in person, send a donation.  Your dollars can be your fill-in.  Even if you aren’t actually there, you can still be doing good. 


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