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Be Grateful That You Will Likely Only Be Delivering One Baby At A Time.

As you know, I am constantly scouring the Internet for great information to share with you!  You know that this Sunday, May 12th, is Mother’s Day, right?  So, I hope you enjoy these three stories about “Great Moms.”  

Be grateful that, unlike these moms, you will likely only be delivering one baby at a time! Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.

The Birth Record Is Tied in Minnesota

An article by April Baumgarten on the Forum News Service reported in 2016 that Crystal, a standard Poodle, produced 16 puppies on August 28.  Kelli Hewitt, the breeder who owns Crystal, said Crystal looked like any other pregnant dog.

Clearly, Crystal was not like any other pregnant dog!

Poodle Puppy

As far as Crystal’s delivery is concerned, the Hewitts told Baumgarten they believe it ties the record for the largest standard Poodle litter.  

Based on Baumgarten’s report, this was Crystal’s first litter.  Over the 24-hour period, she didn’t have any complications.  The Hewitt family did everything they could to make Crystal and the puppies comfortable.  They didn’t lose one puppy!

The Hewitts believe Crystal’s litter ties with Charlie’s, but in 2008, Charlie, a poodle from British Columbia, gave birth to 16 puppies. The Province, a newspaper based in British Columbia, reported that Charlie’s owner, Deborah Bridgman, said she was up for 23 hours helping with Charlie’s delivery.

Oodles Of Poodles: Minnesota Dog Ties Breed Record For Largest Litter


From the United States, Northern California – A Record 17 Pups

CBS News (San Francisco) reported on March 16, 2016, that in Napa, California, Stella, a 3-year-old Maremma Sheepdog, broke the California record for the largest litter of puppies when she bore 17 babies.  

Adult Maremma Sheepdog like Stella, who had 17 puppies
Adult Maremma Sheepdog

Stella’s owners, John and Gaby Costanzo, were shocked.  John said, “Six to eight is normal.  Seventeen is insane.”

Can anyone imagine having 17 babies – all at the same time?  Yikes!

As if it weren’t enough to have broken the California record for most puppies, Stella also broke the record for most puppies born in her breed.  Go, Stella!

Stella lives on the Costanzo farm and her job is to guard the sheep and chickens and other livestock. 

At the time they were interviewed by CBS, Stella’s family and others on the farm were looking for homes for the new puppies. If they didn’t find homes, as John said, “We were going to be feeding morning noon and night.”  

The report was that homes had been found for all of the dogs, and each will be working on a farm of their own.

Sheepdog Breaks California Record For Largest Litter Of Puppies

March 1, 2016           6:35 PM         CBS News


19 Pups Delivered From the United States, Kingman, AZ

A couple months ago, Cleo, a Great Dane who lives in Kingman, Arizona, gave birth to 19 babies on February 25, 2019!

I said Cleo is a Great Dane.

Great Dane like Cleo, who had a record 19 puppies!
Great Dane Like Cleo

According to CBS affiliate KMOV , the staff of 11 at Kingman Animal Hospital had to do a c-section to safely deliver the pups. 

Mom is doing great, and all of her babies are alive and healthy!

Animal Hospital Delivers 19 Great Dane Puppies


19-Pup Litter From the United States, Philadelphia, PA

AnABC affiliate WHTM, reported that A Great Dane in Pennsylvania named Snowy reportedly gave birth to 19 puppies in 2014.  (ABC affiliate WHTM)

Brandon and Aimie Terry (Snowy’s owners) said they never expected this many puppies.

Great Dane litters usually contain about eight puppies.

A Great Dane’s Giant Litter: 19 Puppies



Tia Tops Them All By Delivering 24 Pups

From Great Britain:  

The Guinness World Records ran a piece about Tia, a Neopolitan mastiff from in the UK.



On November 29, 2004, Abellatino Arabella (“Tia”) gave birth to a litter of 24 puppies – 9 females and 15 males.  The father is Caesar.  Thankfully, a C-section was the procedure for delivery!

Unfortunately, one puppy was stillborn and three died within the first week.

Tia’s owners are Damian Ward (United Kingdom) and Anne Kellegher (Ireland).


National Dog Mom’s Day is May 11. It’s always the second Saturday in May.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

Be grateful that you will likely only be delivering one baby at a time.

Just remember how very blessed you are, and the rest of use must remember how blessed we are to have you!

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs.  It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”  

Henry Ward Beecher


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