Here's list of important Pet Awareness Days in August 2021!
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August Pet Awareness Days

Here are our August 2021 Pet Awareness Days:

Observed All Month

Rawgust – Celebration of raw feeding for pets for the month of August.

Observed for the Week

August 1 through 7 – International Assistance Dog Week

August 10 through 16 – Give a Dog a Bone Week 

Hosted by Pets of the Homeless, the event features more than 400 Pets of the Homeless donation sites nationwide asking their community to bring donations of pet food and supplies to assist the pets of the homeless.

Special Days

DOGust 1 – Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs 

Happy DOGust!!

The North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, declared August 1 as a birthday for all the shelter animals whose birthdays are unknown.

August 4 – Assistance Dog Day 

Part of International Assistance Dog Week, this observation, always on August 4, honors the many types of assistance dogs

August 5 – Work Like a Dog Day 

August 10 – Snoopy’s Birthday

Peanuts Worldwide celebrates the birthday of the world’s favorite Beagle on this day

August 10 – National Spoil Your Dog Day 

Wait, isn’t this Every Day? 

August 10 – National Lazy Day

The perfect day to hang out with your fur buddy at the beach, the park or in the back yard.

August 15 – National Check the Chip Day 

Created by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

August 16 – Saint Roch’s Day

Roch miraculously healed many of the bubonic plague victims for whom he was caring while they were ill, people reported.  After Roch contracted the deadly disease himself, he miraculously recovered through the loving care of a dog who helped him.  . . .  Because of this, Roch now serves as one of the patron saints of dogs.”

(See:  Learn Religions

August 21 – International Homeless Animals’ Day

Ongoing since 1992

The third Saturday in August since 1992.

(See:  International Society for Animal Rights

August 23 – International Blind Dog Day

“This year, on August 23, we’re supporting the first ever International Blind Dog Day.  International Blind Dog Day is an event that brings together the owners of blind dogs from across the world, to celebrate the amazing things that blind dogs can do.”

(See:   Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

August 26 – National Dog Day 

On National Dog Day, people are encouraged to adopt dogs – purebred, mixed breeds (and colors) – from shelters and rescue organizations.  They deserve your love, and you deserve theirs!

(See:  Awareness Days

August 28 – Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

(See:  “Where Does the Term ‘Rainbow Bridge’ Come From . . .?”

August 30 – National Holistic Pet Day

This is a special day highlighting the importance of whole pet healthawellness approach that addresses the “whole” animalbody, mind, and spirit.  Holistic health is all about health and wellness, not disease.  It is a preventative lifestyle that incorporates the WHOLE animal. 



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